A gastroscopy is a test using a thin flexible telescope (gastroscope) which looks at the gullet, stomach and first part of the intestine. You may have had difficulty swallowing or discomfort and may be losing weight, or you may have indigestion or heart burn. You can have either sedation or throat spray for this procedure. 


If you have sedation for the test you will be seen by a nurse who takes a history, blood pressure and pulse and a blood sugar if you are diabetic. The procedure is explained including any complications and a small needle will be placed in your hand or arm for the sedation (medicine to relax you). For this test you do not have to change into a gown you may keep your own clothes on.


The Endoscopist (doctor) will then speak to you about your symptoms and go over the test again. They will ask your consent to do the test and you will be asked to sign a consent form. You have an opportunity to ask questions so that you completely understand the procedure and can make an informed decision.


Once in the procedure room the nursing team will introduce themselves to you and will talk to you throughout explaining what is happening. You will have some oxygen through a little sponge in the nose and a peg on your finger to measure your oxygen levels

The whole procedure takes around 4 minutes we may test to see if the bug that causes ulcers is present in the stomach and we may take some small tissue samples (biopsies).


Following the test you will spend some time in recovery where the nurse will monitor you and take some more observations. The doctor will speak to you before you go home and explain the results, if you have had a biopsy you will be written to with the results as soon as they are ready. Sometimes there will be nothing at all and you will be given lifestyle advice. If you need further tests the consultant will explain this to you and arrange the tests from Eastwood or ask your GP to refer you.


As a team ‘we take time to care’ and we are very proud of the high quality, patient centred service that we provide at Eastwood. We always strive to put the needs of our patients first, listening to their needs and ensuring that at all times our patients feel comfortable, understand the process and dignity is not compromised.


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